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 Popcorn Cart hire available in the North East, Yorkshire, Lancashire, Midlands, Nottinghamshire , London, and the rest of the U.K. Corporate functions, fundays, weddings, parties, christenings, product launches and any other event where a high quality, fun food is required.

Hire The UK’s Best Popcorn Cart Service , The All Time Classic

Popcorn, that all time cinema classic, available in salted, sweet, or mixed gourmet flavours, nothing beats the aroma of freshly popping corn, guaranteed to excite the whole room.

Popcorn can be supplied in a number of ways. The most cost effective option is to add it to one of our candy floss carts. One operator will prepare and serve both popcorn and candy floss, ideal for the smaller event.

Fun Popping Corn Is Ideal For;

And much more!

If you are catering for a larger audience then a separate popcorn cart with its own operator is a must. You can hire our mini classic popcorn cart, or go for the full Victorian style cart, the same type our candy floss is supplied on.

For promotional jobs or exhibitions we can design and build a completely custom cart for your event, we can also supply branded usherette trays to match.

Contact us today to see what we can add to your event.

One of our Victorian Style Popcorn and candy floss cart
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An image of our popcorn Cart hire

Our Popcorn Carts Come With;

All we need from you is an electrical supply

Popcorn is an ideal complement for many of our other fun foods such as candy floss, doughnuts, waffles or ice cream, package prices are available on request.

Fun Fact

Popcorn was first cultivated from wild grass in mexico over 9000 years ago.

The first popcorn machine invented, by Charles Cretors in 1885, was steam powered!

Unpopped kernals are called “Spinsters” or “Old Maids”.

January 19th is Official Popcorn Day in The U.S.A.

Worlds First Popcorn Machine

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